This show took place in an old garage, which already had its own personality and a history that we did not want to ignore plastically.
Thus the costumes for the collective character Jan were developed with fabrics printed with the textures that the space was impregnated with. Creating not only a camouflage game in certain moments, but also reinterpreting its plastic potential. In counterpoint, an astronaut suit was created. He submerged from water into this dimension of the garage.

Garagem do Chile, Lisbon, 2021

Direction Sílvio Vieira
performed by Anabela Ribeiro, André Cabral, Catarina Rabaça, Inês Realista, Miguel Galamba, Miguel Ponte and Pedro Peças
Collaboration Nídia Roque
Set and Costume design Ângela Rocha
Light design Manuel Abrantes
Scenography assistance Diogo Gonçalves
Photography Leonor Fonseca
Teaser and recording António Mendes
Sound capture Miguel Coelho
Light operation Janaina Gonçalves
Press relations Raquel Guimarães
Production outro

Partners Portuguese Republic | Ministry of Culture, Lisbon City Council, GDA Foundation, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
Co-production residency: O Espaço do Tempo
Poster painting: Teurgias, Maximo Graterol B., MMII