Levante is a performance-course with the community that crosses the city of Sines, organised as part of the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of 25 April.

Thinking about the street: that common place that we all inhabit and so often neglect. This place of encounters, this place that should be the extension of our homes. It was the first time I wondered how to dress up a city for a party, how to honour everyday ordinary places.

Creating a space can sometimes mean giving space.

The two articulated machines – the hands – are choreographed at the end of the journey as a symbol of strength, labour and unity. They hold the power to connect and transform the world. Taking advantage of the structure of a street lamp, we creat a carnation, as if it could symbolically be a beacon that guides us.


Sines city

Credits being updated
Artistic director: Julieta Aurora

Props: Ângela Rocha
Makers: Ângela Rocha, Carlos Campos, Luís João Mosteias, Luís Santos, Pedro Leal

Costumes: Adriana Matos e Fábio Constantino

Moviment: Be Dias
Photography:  Leonor Carpinteiro and João Versos Roldão
Prodution : Teatro do Mar