Time is the greatest transforming agent in Space.

In all its layers and specificities it is that continuously shapes matter.

In this show we situate the space in a very singular time, the Dusk. It is at this time that the place concrete and well defined to our eyes begins to dematerialize. Colours are absorbed from matter and directed to the sky, shapes become silhouettes, individuality is slowly diluted until it becomes the one stain of time  – Night.

It is in this time of transformation that the show manifests itself. It is the place of dematerialization, and, therefore, rather than constructing a concrete scenography, it seemed fairer to me to focus on capturing this flux of transformation, as if it were a living landscape.

I have always had the suspicion that the world is more liquid than I see it.

It was in the gesture of painting that I tried to find the vehicle to express it. In the gesture of liquid stains that go forward, completing and thickening, layer by layer, time after time.

The work of composition of this canvas is completed only by a sketch, a suggestion of the outline of a tree and small vegetation, or roots? The lines that the scene create not only a bridge between the bodies of the actors and the sky, but also a scale of the place.

Mental note: always take into account the play and fundamental interpretive role of the spectator in relation to the scene.

The cloud emerges as essential and transforming matter, untouchable and miraculous. Flexible in its form and multiple readings, but in its own way, be it an urgency, a warning, a mirage or a desire, it can echo in each of us.

How difficult is the balance between what is materialized and what is suggested. How it becomes an even more difficult task to contour the images into words, but regardless, and as the text so wisely tells us, we need to talk about the clouds!

Teatro Viriato, Viseu 2022
Teatro das figuras, Faro 2023

Text Guilherme Gomes
Directed collective creation
Performers Bernardo Souto, Guilherme Gomes, João Reixa, Rita Cabaço, Nídia Roque
Set design and paint Ângela Rocha
Costumes Teatro da Cidade
Light design Rui Seabra
Sound design Sofia Queiroz
Video Pedro Jorge
Photographs Luís Belo
Producer Margarida Silva
Co-Production Teatro Viriato

Acknowledgments Ana Paula Correia, Ana Rita Soares dos Santos, Beatriz Maia, CAL – Primeiros Sintomas, Caratina Caixeiro, Centro Cultural e Recreativo dos Coruchéus, Elsa Almeida, Joana Villaverde, João Nunes, João Pedro Plácido, Luís Belo, Lília Basílio, Manuel Calado, Maria João Garcia, Município de Viseu, Mário Rui Santos, Patrícia Portela, Polícia Judiciária, Rita Carvalho, Rui Macário, Rui Xavier, Sofia Queiroz, equipa d’O Espaço do Tempo e equipa do Teatro Viriato

Support for project creation Direcção Geral das Artes; Município de Viseu – Eixo Cultura; Fundação GDA; Teatro Viriato; RTP Palco; Garantir Cultura – Fundo de Fomento Cultura