invocação ao meu corpo

More than a place, we wanted a mirage.
I began to look at the mirage as an image in a liquid state, which cannot be fixed in a form or place. Therefore an image that oscillates, that does not commit itself to reality.
Starting from this premise and assuming the point of view of the text “a big carpet is life”. I realized that the way to create this image would be to resort to the principle of weaving, subtracting the interweaving part of the web from the weft. The process of interlacing is what fixes the image and the form, without this fundamental part the image is reduced to successive vertical lines with different sizes and distances, that by themselves form an image, but that in its incomplete process maintains the freedom to oscillate, to undo itself with a simple touch.
The space was thus developed in the form of an island, with the challenge of creating a landscape with only vertical lines: the fields, the bodies of the performances and the blue sky.

IPDJ Auditorium in Viseu, in 2020

Text and Direction: Guilherme Gomes
Performers: Catarina Luís, Mauro Hermínio, Rita Cabaço
Collaboration: Sílvio Vieira
Scenography: Ângela Rocha
Light Design: Rui Seabra
Infiltrated Spectator: Filipa Godinho
Poster Sculpture: Liliana Velho
Video recording: Francisca Manuel
Photographs: Luís Belo
Production: Teatro da Cidade
Co-production: CCB