Karoshi, a Japanese term meaning death from overwork.
The challenge was to find a material that by its very nature is already an expression of burnout. It is an empty space, artificial in its fullness, but which by its nature of excess becomes noisy and incapacitating to relate to.
What would happen if a clover appeared?

Nominated for best set design by the Portuguese Society of authors in 2019.

See the interview The Place of Emptiness conducted by Teatro Nacional D.Maria II

link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dt5CVUln-3c

Sala estúdio at Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, 2019

creation Teatro da Cidade
with Bernardo Souto, Guilherme Gomes, João Reixa, Nídia Roque and Rita Cabaço
set design Ângela Rocha
light design Rui Seabra
photography ©Filipe Ferreira
production Teatro da Cidade
co-production TNDM II
support GDA
residence partnership Espaço Alkantara