O nosso desporto preferido - Futuro próximo

The costumes maintain the “power ranger” scientist aesthetic with the addition and modification of some details that denote the passage of time.

D. Maria II National Theatre, 2019
Cartaxo Municipal Cultural Centre, 2020

text and direction Gonçalo Waddington
performed by Carla Bolito, Carla Maciel, Gonçalo Waddington, Teresa Sobral, Tónan Quito
set and costume design Ângela Rocha
light design Nuno Meira
sound design Miguel Lima
characterisation Rita Castro
staging assistance Carolina Cunha e Costa
Photographs ©Filipe Ferreira
executive production Nuno Pratas / Culturproject
co-production TNDM II, Gonçalo Waddington & Carla Maciel

Project funded by the Portuguese Republic – Culture / DGArtes