This performance takes place in an inner place of reflection on the layers and layers of social tapering and the role of women in society.
The material chosen to interpret it was plaster. When we have an area of our body in a plaster cast, it is a suspension of possible actions, we create a protection so that the body can restructure itself again. Like him, this place is plastered, so that reflection can happen, so that restructuring can take action. The way I exploited the plaster to meet the practical needs of the performances was to evoke its form through the crystallization of movement. A table is evoked because the tablecloth that covers it takes its form, the same with chairs. And in this crystallization, there is a suspension, an attempt to stop time.
All this milky and tender atmosphere is suddenly broken by the action of breaking the plaster of the still life on the table, bringing back the colours, the smells, and the inner value of what was covered.

Festival Materiais Diversos, Cartaxo, 2021
Cultura em Expansão, Porto

Artistic direction: Anabela Almeida and Sara Duarte
Interpretation and text: Anabela Almeida and Sara Duarte
Research support: Luís Godinho and Teresa Gentil
Light design and operation: Nuno Patinho
Scenic space and costumes: Ângela Rocha
Sound design: Ricardo Freitas and Ricardo Ribeiro
Stage photography: José Carlos Duarte
Executive production: Vanda Cerejo
Co-production: teatro meia volta and then left when I say so, Festival Materiais Diversos
Support: Governo de Portugal – Ministério da Cultura/Direcção-Geral das Artes
Creation residencies: Comédias do Minho (Paredes de Coura), Lavrar o Mar (Aljezur and Monchique), Materiais Diversos (Cartaxo), Cultura em Expansão – Teatro do Frio (Porto)