Pato Selvagem

In a text that asks us about the meaning of truth in our lives. I found in the idea of sketch a possible connection with the idea of lie. Just as in a drawing sketch we can already decode the form and, therefore, what the image intends to be, but that is not why it exists, or assumes itself as reality.
The entire space was developed in a single material: rusted metal.
The furniture and the walls are faithful reproductions of sketches I made on paper.
There is a succession of layers of walls that camouflage the objects and make it difficult to perceive the three-dimensionality. A lie without space.

Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, Lisbon – 2016
Teatro Viriato, Viseu
Centro Cultural Vila Flor, Guimarães

Text: Henrik Ibsen
Directed: Tiago Guedes
Performers: Anabela Almeida, Gonçalo Waddington, João Grosso, Lúcia Maria, Margarida Correia (trainee), Pedro Gil, Tónan Quito
Set and Costume Design: Ângela Rocha
Light Design: Rui Monteiro
Original Music: Manel Cruz
Production Coordination: Manuel Poças

Photography ©Filipe Ferreira

Created by Tiago Guedes in co-production with TNDM II
From the translation by Gil Costa Santos, Ragnhild Marthine Bø