Sweet Home Europa

Sweet Home Europa was distinguished by the Portuguese Society of Authors with the best scenography award in 2018.

The impossibility of actually being where we are and the impact that our action has. The dining space is the place where dialogue is still possible, the mirage of a possible truce.

Almost a ton of pegs were placed along the ramps so that there could be enough stability in the movements of the interpreters.

D. Maria II National Theatre, 2018
Eunice Egeas Network

text Davide Carnevali
directed by João Pedro Mamede
translated by Tereza Bento
performances João Vicente, Isabel Costa, João Pedro Mamede
music Daniel Bernardes
set design Ângela Rocha
structure Josué Maia
roof pins Ângela Rocha, Lydia Neto and Toninho Neto
costumes Gonçalo Quirino
light design João Cachulo
sound design André Pires
photography ©Filipe Ferreira
direction assistance Catarina Rôlo Salgueiro
production TNDM II